Managing care services to support independence - VITALITY – Changing focus for old age

Training of street level employees to take assignments to citizens


At a time when few other municipalities were aware of the fact that it was important to keep a focus on every day rehabilitation, Høje Taastrup municipality applied for and was granted funds to develop a model for this.

The project ran for 2 – 3 years (remaining funds were used in the third year). The approach showed that the more focus placed on the individual citizen and the greater individualized support in line with their wishes with regards to regaining or expanding their physical, mental and social capacity, the more the individual was able to be self-sustaining or self-supporting.

The project had a large focus on making employees feel well equipped to be able to take on a wide array of assignments in the elderly area. Particularly, after the project period and when activities started, a large focus was placed on supporting all employees in front to be able to assess, support and develop the capacity of citizens.

The municipality has made a large group of the street level employees better equipped to be able to support the paradigm shift that was initiated with the project. It is not a section of the elderly area that all with need of care should be referred to. But in the daily work the employees both in the home care and at the nursing homes are attentive of the fact that citizens have to be supported in what they are able to do instead of being compensated for what they cannot do.



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