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Simon Güntner

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Professor for social science and social policy at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. He has been engaged in numerous EU projects on cities, social cohesion, migration and integration (Interreg IIc: Innovative Urban Planning and Management; FP5:Empowering Neighbourhoods through Recourse on Urban Synergies with Trades; URBACT: Partners4Action; URBACT: Cross-Cutting Thematic Working Group on Citizen Participation (Coordinator); PROGRESS: Organizational approaches to tackling the complexities of multiple deprivation at city level; INTI: INTI-Cities, European Integration Fund: Diversity and Equality in European Cities; European Website on integration: Guentner, Simon / Calandrino, Michele (2010): The Role of Cities in EU Social Policy, in: Hamedinger, Alexander/Wolffhardt Alexander (eds.): The Europeanisation of Cities, Amsterdam: Techne Press.

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