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Sanja Nikolin

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Sanja Nikolin, Researcher with ENIL is a certified management consultant (CMC) and a development specialist. She holds a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science and serves as New Business and consulting Director with Multi servis d.o.o. (

Her experience stretches across the public and the private for profit and nonprofit sectors. Her main area of interest is development-as-well-being with full and practical equality for all. Ms Nikolin is a Regional Board member of Social Innovation Lab (SIL, that seeks to provide contextualized analysis of challenges, gaps and needs in order to find effective solutions to persevering regional socio-economic issues. Ms. Nikolin is a member of the Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES) in Serbia, a think-and-do tank devoted to advancing Serbia's economic recovery and democratic consolidation through research and policy advocacy. Her expertise in strategic management, multi-sourcing of policy data, monitoring and evaluation enable her to uncover room for maneuver, creativity and innovation in crises.

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