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Johannes Eurich

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As the director of DWI, Prof. Dr. Johannes Eurich is the head researcher of the institute. He has published widely in national and international journals on social welfare topics. His research focus lies in the fields of:

  • - poverty (f.e. international conferences on poverty organized by DWI in 2008 and 2010)
  • - disability studies
  • - social politics (member of the national social board of the Protestant Church in Germany and chairperson of the advisory board of the Social Sciences Institute (SI) of the Protestant Church in Germany)

Recent publications (examples):
- Johannes Eurich/Ingolf Hübner (eds.): Diaconia against Poverty and Exclusion: Challenges and Perspectives in Europe, Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt (forthcoming)
- Johannes Eurich: Justice for People with Disabilities. Philosophical and Theological Arguments, in: Religion and Theology19 (2012) 1-17
- Johannes Eurich: Marketization and Social Work with People with Disabilities: Ethical and Theological Reflections, in: Diaconia: Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice 1/2010, S. 32-46.

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