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Jean-Marie Vanhove

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Following studies in applied economics, Jean-Marie is charged in 1977 by the governmental employment agency to establish vocational training for unemployed higher educated people. The focus lies on the new field of informatics.

In 1983 Jean-Marie makes a transfer to the non-profit sector where he consecutively occupies managerial functions in an institution for mentally disabled people and a sheltered workplace.

In 1999 he accepts the challenge of modernising the main advocacy organisation for visually impaired people in Flanders. He gets acquainted with assistive technology and inclusion and launches Blindsurfer, later to become Anysurfer, the accessibility label for (public) websites.

From 2002 on he is engaged at the Flemish Agency for disabled people, first as head of the knowledge center for assistive technology, later as policy officer on Universal Design.

Since 2008 he makes his experience and network available as independent consultant in non-profit management and studies on inclusion.

November 10th 2011.

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