Health App for Parent-Infant interaction

2 Health Apps, one for Health Visitors and one for parents; Focussed on infant’s social emotional and behavioural wellbeing - that early interaction between infant and carer has significant impact on neurological and physiological development; Addresses UK Department of Health’s ‘Healthy Child Programme’; This is the first use of M-learning (mobile learning) to enable practitioners and families to access learning and information focused on promoting parent and infant wellbeing.

University of Warwick Medical School

Maternal and Infant Health and Care

Aims to create complex, sustainable, multifaceted change to improve care in maternity and neonatal units within health region; A multifaceted programme to promote adoption and diffusion of evidence based best practice and to tackle inequalities, through innovation, education, and collaborative working. Programme delivered across region (5 million population; 67,000 births per annum); involves wide range and number of organisations; anchored in evidence at every stage; implements conceptual framework for large scale change, using key principles for change; using co-creation approach.



Festival stands for “volunteering for the strengthening of innovative ambient living structures of older people”.
The project supports living standards of older people in rural areas by linking up social and technological innovations (including AAL technologies).

Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt (EHD)


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