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Managing care services to support independence - VITALITY – Changing focus for old age

Training of street level employees to take assignments to citizens


At a time when few other municipalities were aware of the fact that it was important to keep a focus on every day rehabilitation, Høje Taastrup municipality applied for and was granted funds to develop a model for this.


Social enterprises for integration and development – Place de bleu

Sewing room employing marginalized immigrant women


Place de bleu is a sewing room that employs marginalized immigrant women. We produce home interior and accessories, all produced by hand and sold via a webshop and actual shops and retailers such as magasin, louisiana, strøm (hellerup), kalejdoskop (ålborg), norman og hay.


Flexible child care for single parent families – Mom’artre

Network for after school childcare for disadvantaged families


The Môm’artre network creates new kinds of spaces for after-school childcare, helping children to develop mainly through art. It is a network of associations with eight childcare centres, in Paris and French cities such as Arles and Nimes. These centres adapt to the incomes and work schedules of disadvantaged families and ensure a diverse mix of social strata. The ideas underlying the philosophy of the Môm’artre network are:


Living Independently: Bringing people with disabilities into work - GPE Society Mainz

Framework for use of personal skills in dependent life


The gpe Society for psycho-social Institutions Mainz GmbH was the result of the psychiatric reform in the eighties in Germany and was founded by a German charity and the workshops for disabled people Mainz GmbH.

It supports people with predominantly mental disabilities and illnesses. The numerous institutions and services from the organization gpe provide a framework where personal skills can be used so that it’s possible to have an independent life with disabilities.



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