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Mode de garde intégré pour familles monoparentales – Môm'artre

Prise en charge des enfants et sensibilisation artistique après l'école


Le réseau Môm’artre propose un nouveau mode de garde après l’école, basé sur l’art comme facilitateur du développement des enfants. Le réseau comprend 8 succursales, à Paris et dans d’autres villes françaises. Les centres proposent des tarifs et des horaires d’ouverture adaptés aux revenus et aux contraintes professionnelles des parents, et favorisent ainsi la mixité sociale. La philosophie de Môm’artre est basée sur les principes suivants :


Social Agricolture for people with mental health disabilities

COPAPS (Cooperative for Social and Productive Activities) was established in 1979 as an agricultural company with social aims: it provides training courses and employment pathways, both inside and outside the company, for people with mental disabilities, to help them integrate into the labour market. In 2002, COPAPS became a type A+B social cooperative. The organization is involved in a variety of activities related to the agricultural sector including (i. e.

COPAPS Social Cooperative
Country: is an innovative youth-focused online magazine (offering an integrated network of portals managed by - and aimed at - young people aged 15 to 29 living in the Bologna area. For many young people, the transition from education to work can be difficult, resulting in the risk of social exclusion. Through the project, Bologna aims to help by actively including young people as they move from education into work.

Office of Young People, Bologna Municipality

POP Project - Equal opportunities in the paths of foreign teenagers in Education and Training [Pari Opportunità nei Percorsi degli adolescenti stranieri nella Istruzione e Formazione Professionale]

POP is an experimental project specifically related to the system of vocational training and education in the Lombardy Region, focused in particular on foreign students in the segment of the Right-Duty of Education and Training (IFP-DDIF) and on the grounds of training they have received. The project is promoted by the Cariplo Foundation (funder) and by the ISMU Foundation (which is responsible for the project from the first to the final assessment) with the collaboration of AFOL Province of Milan, Clerici Foundation-Lombardy, Enaip Foundation- Lombardy.



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