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Andreas Langer

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Since 2007 professor for social sciences at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. He has been fellow of the research training group (DFG Graduiertenkolleg) „Criteria of Justice“ of the German Research Association (DFG) at Bochum and received his PhD (Dr. rer. soc.) from the Ruhr-University of Bochum.
His research focus at HAW Hamburg lies in social sciences and social policy, local government and human service policy: (child- and youthcare-/ disability studies and policy, social services). He has been engaged in numerous policy projects e.g. “Professional social management between academics academization and diaconal identity” 2007-2009 (project leader: Prof. Dr. Andreas Langer), “Survey on demographic changes in the municipality of Odenthal NRW” in co-operation with Ruhr-University of Bochum (2007-2009 project management: Prof. Dr. Notburga Ott; Prof. Dr. Andreas Langer). Prof. Langer has been scientific advisor for the project „Supporting integration –developing potentials for democracy – strengthening self-organization“ of the Federation of Protestant Youth in the Federal Republic of Germany (aej) (2009-2011 project leader: Prof. Dr. Andreas Langer).
Recent Publications:
Professionalisierung im Nonprofit-Management (zus. mit A. Schröer) VS-Verlag 2010;
Jugendhilfe und Verwaltungsreform. Zur Entwicklung der Rahmenbedingungen Sozialer Dienste (mit S. Krone;U.Mill; S. Stöbe-Blossey, VS-Verlag 2009);
The Agency Problem and Medical Acting: An Example of Applying Economic Theory to Medical Ethics. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 12(1), 2009: 99-108 (zus. mit P. Schröder-Bäck; A. Brink; J. Eurich).;
Trust as a Criterion and heuristic Approach to Sociopolitical Consultation. An Alternative View on Ethics and Values of Professionalism in Social Work. In: Current Sociology, Nr. 54, Heft 4, S. 663-678. (2006).

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