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fairKauf eG Hannover

Social department store Hannover
Welfare Germany

Flachsland Zukunftsschulen gemeinnützige Gmbh

Integrated programme for (bilingual-) education which contains a community based social service from kindergarten to general qualification for university entrance
Education Germany

German Impact

Professional primary care and coordinated treatment for late-life depression
Health, Welfare Germany

Gesundes Kinzigtal

Integrated health and medical care programme. Cooperation and coordination between providers at regional and local level.
Health, Welfare Germany


Education, Welfare Germany

Initiative Uterus-Myomatosus

Information and counseling about myoma and therapies
Education, Health Germany

Integrierte Versorgung Hamburger Modell

Integrated treatment for mentally ill people and their relatives
Health, Welfare Germany

Irre menschlich e.V. Hamburg

Education, Health Germany


Integration into labour market for youngsters
Education, Welfare Germany

Kids on Tour

Accompaniment for children in trains
Welfare Germany


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