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Users evaluate the outcome quality of social services


Specialized public centers for assistive technology
Education, Welfare

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Low-threshold service for addicted patients
Health, Welfare Germany

Zahnmobil – Hilfe mit Biss

A mobile dental clinic provides services to homeless and poor people. Patiences are treated by volunteering dentists and get further advice and support by social educators.
Health, Welfare Germany

Empowering parents - Eltern AG

Coaching parents to prepare them for educating and caring for their children  
Education Germany

Experimentierkurse für Kinder

Scientific education for (pre)school children & vocational training for teachers (dual approach). Intervention takes place in and outside schools.
Education Germany

Living Independently: Bringing people with disabilities into work - GPE Society Mainz

Framework for use of personal skills in dependent life  
Education, Welfare Germany


Integration into labour market for youngsters
Education, Welfare Germany

Initiative "f.i.t.-fördern, initiativ werden, teilhaben"

The f.i.t. projects aim to strengthen the social, communication and daily living skills of people affected by poverty.
Welfare Germany

Neubelebung alter klösterlicher Traditionen

"Social and economic revival of monastic life" in Loccum and Schinna with production schools.
Education, Welfare Germany


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