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Users evaluate the outcome quality of social services


Specialized public centers for assistive technology
Education, Welfare

Die Woltersburger Mühle

Reintegration of youngsters in work environment. Cooperation with employment services and the chamber of handicraft
Education, Welfare Germany

Der Bunte Kreis e.V.

After care programmes for children with chronic diseases and their relatives
Education, Health, Welfare Germany

MEP (motivieren, engagieren, partizipieren)

People move on to other people who are in economical, social, or personal emergencies. This is done by concrete offers of assistance offered by a helper-pool with a variety of talents.
Health, Welfare Germany

Maßnahmen amb. Unterstützung in Wohn- und Hausgemeinschaften

Assistance for people with disabilities: Ambulantory supply, housing projects
Education, Health, Welfare Germany


Off Road Kids is the only nationwide operating organization that helps street children in Germany.
Welfare Germany

Social innovation Award

ASB Germany organised in the 2011 the first Innovation Award to honor organisations applying and promoting innovative concepts and projects in the provision of social services.
Health, Welfare Germany

Initiative Uterus-Myomatosus

Information and counseling about myoma and therapies
Education, Health Germany

Changing perceptions of people with mental illnesses - Irre Menschlich

Education/information programs for health issues  
Education, Health Germany


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