Work Packages List

Numbertrier par ordre décroissant Work Package Title Objectives Delivery Date
1 Literature Review Identification of main trends for social service provision, their logic, problematic aspects and... Month 4
2 Identification of theoretical criteria for analyzing ’innovative service practices’ In this work package the reports from WP 1 will be used as a support for identifying theoretical... Month 6
3 Local collection of innovative practice Aim: Search for relevant examples of innovative practice in the three fields led by criteria from... Month 4
4 European (EU-wide) compared selection of innovative practice; Clustering of examples Selection of 20-25 Europe-wide innovative practice examples out of the national lists. Selection... Month 6
5 Language based regional cooperations with selected innovation practice organizations This is developing the selection work from WP 3-4 to a first discussion with the selected... Month 9
6 Producing “visual discussion material” on innovative practice examples Production of discussion materials on challenges, solutions and innovation in social services. This... Month 12
7 Production of theoretically informed case studies from visualisations The aim is to produce background material on the visualised innovative practice example. •... Month 14
8 Feedback / response from stakeholder groups EU wide Aim: Compare frameworks for innovative practice by evaluation of European service practices with... Month 16
9 Cross national workshops on Innovative Service Deliveries To summarise the status quo of and the future challenges facing social services of general interest... Month 16
10 Towards a research agenda To take the suggestions of researchers and stakeholders. Look at knowledge at hand and mapping of... Month 19
11 Is the research agenda valid and feasible? Present research agenda to researchers, stakeholders and umbrella organizations. Test whether it is... Month 24
12 External Management: Web Page and new media communication Concept, development and continuous improvement of a web based platform. In details: - The... Month 4
13 External Management: Visualisation Contracting and supervising the process of creating the visual examples (WP 5-7). Month 14
14 External Management: Dissemination To assure that the results of the project will be disseminated to different publics. Especially •... Month 24
15 Internal Management: Project Management • To coordinate and manage the project according to time schedule and budget • To run the project... Month 24

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