Empowering parents - Eltern AG

Coaching parents to prepare them for educating and caring for their children


The Eltern AG - empowerment program aims at coaching parents from disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare them for educating and caring for their children effectively.


The intervention happens pre-natal or at a very early child age. The organization is most effective in reaching the 'hard-to-reach’ target groups that alternative providers have missed to address (single parents, parents with immigrant background, etc.).


Développement par le biais de l’éducation artistique – Realpearl

Création artistique pour les personnes de milieux défavorisés/Roms, et boutique en ligne

La Fondation Real Pearl a une qualification certifiée « excellence », et chaque année ses élèves, souvent d’origine Rom, remportent entre 400 et 500 prix du monde entier.

’Real Pearl’ Basic Art-Educational Foundation

New arrivals [Approdi]

The New Arrivals project, implemented in the Province of Bolzan during the period 18-03-2011/16-04-2012, had been financed by the European Social Fund. The  project, promoted by the association ‘Africa e Mediterraneo’, stems from the idea of using COMIX drawn by African artists as a mean for exploring the complex reality of migrants.

Africa e Mediterraneo Association

Circles of lifes [I cerchi della vita]

“Circles of life” is an educational project which was founded by the San Paolo Foundation of Turin to introduce innovation in the field of education by working with ‘networks of schools’.  The goal of the project is to introduce an approach which is competency-based, student-centered and problem-based. Five schools in Sanremo and Taggia (from kindergarden to elementary, middle and high schools) collaborated to plan, implement and evaluate some educational blocks which were competency-based and problem-based.  The project had 4 phases: 1. Teacher training and supervision; 2.

the Foundation for School (San Paolo Company of the San Paolo Foundation)


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