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komm auf tour

Framework for young people's choice of occupation: vocational training, life planning, adventure course
Education, Welfare Germany

Living Independently: Bringing people with disabilities into work - GPE Society Mainz

Framework for use of personal skills in dependent life  
Education, Welfare Germany

Maßnahmen amb. Unterstützung in Wohn- und Hausgemeinschaften

Assistance for people with disabilities: Ambulantory supply, housing projects
Education, Health, Welfare Germany

Mehr Männer in Kitas

Programme for Beat boxing in kindergarten. The aim is to promote kindergarden job as an Education goal for young men
Education, Welfare Germany

Meslek Yolu

Labour market integration programmes for migrants
Education, Welfare Germany

Netzwerk Bleiberecht

Advice and assistance for migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers
Welfare Germany


Counselling services for families with mentally ill parents
Education, Health, Welfare Germany

Selbstverständlich freiwillig

Framework for people with disabilities: Support for voluntary work
Education, Welfare Germany

Services favorisant l’autonomie des personnes handicapées par l’emploi – GPE Society Mainz

Permettre l’insertion de personnes handicapées par la valorisation de leurs compétences personnelles  
Education, Welfare Germany

Soziale Berufe kann nicht jeder

Framework for young people's choice of occupation in social services : vocational training, life planning
Welfare Germany


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