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Promotion of activity, exercises and muscle build-up for older people
Health Germany


First German company that only employs people with autism as software tester. Their service as software testers is offered in the open market
Education, Welfare Germany

Cafe Pflaster

Low-threshold services and streetwork activities for homeless people. Integrated network between local providers and stakeholder
Health, Welfare Germany

Changer la perception du handicap mental - Irre Menschlich

Programmes d’information du public sur le handicap mental, impliquant des personnes elles-mêmes affectées par un handicap  
Education, Health Germany

Changing perceptions of people with mental illnesses - Irre Menschlich

Education/information programs for health issues  
Education, Health Germany

Containerprojekt für wohnungslose Frauen

Accommodation for homeless women
Welfare Germany

Der Bunte Kreis e.V.

After care programmes for children with chronic diseases and their relatives
Education, Health, Welfare Germany

Die Ämterlotsen

Accompaniment to communal authorities by volunteers
Welfare Germany

Die Komplizen: Mentoring für Schüler

Providing individual support for youngsters. Transition from school to work, development of new trainings
Education, Welfare Germany

Die Woltersburger Mühle

Reintegration of youngsters in work environment. Cooperation with employment services and the chamber of handicraft
Education, Welfare Germany


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