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Snétberger Music Talent Center

Support talented Roma youngsters coming from disadvantaged circumstances by providing world-class education and individual mentor program as well.
Education Hungary

The Supported Employment Service, Work Experience Programme, Support Services for Employers

Assist people living with disabilities (intellectual disabilities, specific learning difficulties, hearing impairments and autism) in leading independent lives.
Health, Welfare Hungary

Theatre with no home

Assist homeless people, mentally and physically disabled, people with psychiatric problems and people released after imprisonment and to increase their quality of life by the means of art-therapy;
Health, Welfare Slovakia

Volunteer Program

Ensure home-based care and assistance of children (or adults) with autism; to open up concerned families' social relations to the “outside world” through the volunteer.
Education, Health, Welfare Hungary

’Csere Csak Csajoknak’ (Exchange Just for Girls)

Support seriously disadvantaged and vulnerable women using drugs intravenously by providing needle exchange program, pregnancy, HIV, Hepatitis B, C testing, consultation with psychiatrist, social w
Health Hungary

enterability & enterprise

Start-up consulting for young unemployed people and people with disabilities. Move from 'conventional' work integration to individual start-up projects.
Welfare Germany

Experimentierkurse für Kinder

Scientific education for (pre)school children & vocational training for teachers (dual approach). Intervention takes place in and outside schools.
Education Germany

Mit Migranten für Migranten (MiMi)

Health coaching upon the background of ethnic, cultural and gender particularities. Peer-based approach, which simultaneously serves a community building function.
Education, Health Germany

Schüler Helfen Schülern (SHS²)

Integrated school support system.
Education Germany

Work and Box Company

Social and vocational integration of male first offenders aged 16-21. Pedagogic-therapeutic approach combined with job training and personality development through competence-related boxing.
Education, Welfare Germany


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