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Ethnocatering (social enterprise)

Provide stable employment for migrant women facing difficulties to find a job in the free labour market by utilizing their – in the Czech Republic – unique cooking skills.
Welfare Czech Republic

Gemeinschaftsbildung durch Kunsterziehung - Realpearl

Kunsterziehung für Benachteiligte/Roma-Kinder + Online-Shop
Education Hungary

Health-care programme - preventive health screenings and health counselling

Raise awareness of Roma people of healthy lifestyle and the importance of prevention of diseases.
Health Hungary

Hétes-telep (Hétes settlement in Ózd) - Creation-oriented social and integrational model programme

Integration of disadvantaged Roma people, improve their conditions and quality of life.
Welfare Hungary

Housing Work Group, Homeless Services Work Group, Public Space Work Group, Weekly Radio Program

AVM is the one and only formation in Hungary in which homeless members have a primary and leading role in all their activities.
Welfare Hungary

Lutte contre la pauvreté : appui au développement des enfants et à l’emploi des parents – Katymar

Soutien social pour les personnes de milieux défavorisés/Roms  
Education, Welfare Hungary

Medical Sign Language Communication Project

Support equal treatment and improve accessibility of health care services for people living with hearing impairment and for the future health care providers.
Health Hungary

Műhely-Klub Projekt - special bike service

Goal: to create new, useful and meaningful activities for homeless clients of the Foundation
Education, Health, Welfare Hungary

Parafónia Zenekar (Orchestra Parafónia)

Help mentally challenged but musically talented children, youngsters and adults by music education using special methodology.
Education, Health, Welfare Hungary

Project "Tőlünk nektek!" (From us to you!)

Iincrease self-esteem, self-knowledge, responsibility of the community (as participants are orphans or were raised in the state child care system) in order to be able to create independent life for
Welfare Hungary


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