SOLIDAR is a European network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. With 59 member organisations based in 25 countries (20 of which are EU countries), member organisations are national NGOs in Europe, as well as some non-EU and EU-wide organisations, working in one or more of our fields of activity. The network is brought together by its shared values of solidarity, equality and participation.
SOLIDAR voices the concerns of its member organisations to the EU and international institutions by carrying out policy monitoring and awareness-raising across its different policy areas, active lobbying, project management and coordination. SOLIDAR works in cooperation with progressive civil society, labour movement organisations and progressive parties.
Our areas of work are:

  • Social Affairs - Social inclusion and decent work; social/health services; social economy; volunteering.
  • International Cooperation - Building global civil society; decent work and social protection for all; development and humanitarian actions.
  • Education - Learning societies; skills and competences; dialogue-2-change.

As well as transversal topics:

  • Migration - Migration and development; Integration and migrants rights in Europe.
  • Enlargement and Neighborhood - Decent work in the Western Balkans

Adeline Otto, Social Affairs Coordinator
Elsa Laino, Social Services Project Officer

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