IAE of Paris has a research interest in Civil society organization and social innovation and research figures in the strategic priorities for the IAE. By offering both human and financial resources and developing a policy of encouragement for researchers, the IAE strongly supports research efforts and publication. Particular efforts have been made to promote the internationalisation of research. The results of this strategy are very evident: GREGOR (Groupe de Recherche en Gestion des Organizations) researchers are members of many European and international academic networks, deliver research papers at international conferences and publish in international journals.

IAE de Paris belongs to University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. This university is a well known with:14 graduate schools, 350 PhDs awarded, 42 ministry-financed research centers and more than 200 conferences and symposiums held every year. The publications of "La Sorbonne" scores 650 titles in all (25 new titles per year), 700 authors and more than 8,000 books sold per year.

Staff members

Philippe Eynaud is lecturer and associate researcher at IAE de Paris. Its main research interests are civil society organization and social innovation linked to information technology.

Paula BERDUGO is research assistant at IAE de Paris: berdugo.iae@univ-paris1.fr. She will be in charge of coordinating the project in Paris.

Elisabetta BUCOLO

Philippe NOUGAILLON is an experimented software developer and project manager. He's also involved in entrepreneurship and co-founded 2 startups.



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