IRS - Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale

IRS - Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale, Area Politiche della Formazione e del Lavoro, Bologna

IRS is one of the leading research institutes in Italy, specialised in different area of social policies research, including social policies and social services, education, labour market, and training, health and long term care, gender policies, evaluation and consulting activities.
Founded in 1973, IRS is a totally independent non-profit organization and co-operative, with now over 80 members. The Institute has three offices in Italy: Milan (headquarters), Bologna and Rome.
IRS performs studies and researches in the social, socio-sanitary and health spheres, education and training for and in collaboration with European Commission, Ministries, Local Entities, Local Health Services, companies, private and third sector organizations. IRS coordinates or is part of several European networks in the field of Social Policies and social services: on behalf of the European Commission, IRS is actually leading and coordinating the EGGSI - Network on Gender equality and social inclusion, health and long term care issues. It is the European Commission's Network of 33 national experts (EU, EEA and candidates countries) in the fields of gender equality and social inclusion, health and long-term care issues. IRS actively participate to the INNOSERV project in all its phases. IRS is the leader of the literature research (WP1) and is also organizing the feedback from stakeholder groups in Europe (WP8).

IRS -team

Dr Flavia Pesce (Work Package leader)
Ph.D. in Political Sociology and senior researcher and expert in, training and labour policies, education, social inclusion, gender policies and evaluation, in particular within Structural Funds. Since 2004, she coordinates the Equal Opportunities and Gender Mainstreaming activities at IRS and, since 2008, she is the responsible for the International and European Affairs at IRS. Flavia is Assistant Professor in Sociology and Sociology of Labour at the Faculty of Educational Sciences - University of Bologna, Italy, since 1999. At EU level, she is the independent expert for Italy in the framework of the Experts Network in gender equality, social inclusion, health and long term care (EGGSI). She is also a member of the Board of Directors of AIV, Italian Evaluation Society, and of EES, European Evaluation Society.

Dr Eugenia De Rosa (Researcher)
Ph.D. in Methodology of Social Sciences. Sociologist and expert in social research methods and evaluation methods, third sector organization and social economy, evaluation of social services and public policies related to labour inclusion initiatives, local development, poverty and migration. She collaborated to the research activities of ‘La Sapienza’ University (Rome) conducting researches on micro-credit, social cooperatives, migration and human rights. She got research experiences both in third sector organizations and in public institutions (Evaluation Unit of the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development, Italian National Institute for the Evaluation of the Education System).

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