Labour integration support for disadvantaged adults: the Social Cooperative Agriverde

The social cooperative Agriverde was created in 1986 by the Local Health Unit and the Municipality of San Lazzaro (in the province of Bologna). The overall goal was that of creating a structure which could organize labour integration activities mainly addressed to disadvantaged adults with mental disabilities who were considered the furthest away from the labour market. Since 1995 the cooperative activities have also been addressed to physical disabled, people with drug addict people and criminal offenders. The cooperative is organized in three different operative sectors, autonomous but strictly interdependent one from the other: (a) the rehabilitation sector where disadvantaged people are prepared and supported by learning to do agricultural tasks according to the individual capabilities; (b) the intermediate sector which is in charge of starting proper labour insertion pathways for those people coming from the first sector who are considered able to be inserted in a non “protected” labor place; (c) the cooperative productive sector where disadvantaged people are employed and supported by agricultural workers.

the Social Cooperative Agriverde
Via seminario 1 40068 San Lazzaro di Sàvena (BO)
Fabrizio Pedretti

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