Flashgiovani.it is an innovative youth-focused online magazine (offering an integrated network of portals managed by - and aimed at - young people aged 15 to 29 living in the Bologna area. For many young people, the transition from education to work can be difficult, resulting in the risk of social exclusion. Through the Flashgiovani.it project, Bologna aims to help by actively including young people as they move from education into work. Established in 2000, Flashgiovani.it offers an open online space for young people to provide information and advice in an appealing way to others of a similar age, on topics that interest them: from local art and culture, to health and well-being, to volunteering and travel. The main objectives of the project are to meet the needs for information, training and job placements, and to encourage active participation of young people in the life of the city. The content for the Flashgiovani.it network is created by an editorial team consisting predominantly of young people, supported by a group of specialists ranging from media production experts to counsellors.

Office of Young People, Bologna Municipality
Via Oberdan, 24M - 40126 Bologna

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