The Dementia Recovery Model

 A new model of dementia care for people on an acute mental health ward. It draws on the 'recovery model' which aims to harness patients' skills and understandings in order to enhance their experience of care and improve service efficiency. Dementia patients are involved and enabled to co-produce and share decision-making in the care they receive and how it is delivered.

The  model includes involving patients in meaningful activities, renewing hope and commitment, finding a sense of meaning and purpose in life, overcoming stigma, managing symptoms, assuming control, empowerment, redefining self while being supported by others.

The project has achieved signicant reductions in violent incidents, in falls and in drug spend, plus improved patient and staff satisfaction. The model is to be rolled out to 11 other sites in the region.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Becton Centre
Kevin Brooks Knowledge Programme Manager, Wessex HIEC Partnership

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