Circles of lifes [I cerchi della vita]

“Circles of life” is an educational project which was founded by the San Paolo Foundation of Turin to introduce innovation in the field of education by working with ‘networks of schools’.  The goal of the project is to introduce an approach which is competency-based, student-centered and problem-based. Five schools in Sanremo and Taggia (from kindergarden to elementary, middle and high schools) collaborated to plan, implement and evaluate some educational blocks which were competency-based and problem-based.  The project had 4 phases: 1. Teacher training and supervision; 2. Planning of the educational activities; 3. Implementation of educational activites in the classrooms with students; 4. Evaluation of the educational experience.

the Foundation for School (San Paolo Company of the San Paolo Foundation)
Piazza Bernini, 5, 10138 Torino
Dott.ssa Antonella Lotti (University of Genoa)
+39 011 4306511

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