Care for older people in a community setting - Ammerudhjemmet

The open nursing home model


The nursing home Ammerud (owned by the Church City Mission, Oslo) is a meeting place for people across generations, cultures and persons with an untraditional combination of culture, local community and voluntary work.


Ammerudhjemmet has taken on the role of being a culture centre for the whole community and is responsible for arranging “bydelsdagene” (the annual local, urban district festival). Ammerudhjemmet as a culture centre hosts cultural events serving the whole community on a weekly basis, be it different sorts of parties, concerts, film shows, and multicultural events. It comprises café, library, swimming pool, hair dresser and pedicure open to the community. The culture centre offers cultural community to the local residents, thus providing opportunity to the nursing home residents to be a natural part of the local community.

Ammerudhjemmet offers training for work in close collaboration with a labour market business. It employs a culture and local community manager whose responsibility it is to plan and co-ordinate the cultural activities. The activities are to a great extent run by volunteers and funded through private donations. A volunteer manager is employed to recruit, train and follow up volunteers.

Kirkens Bymisjon, Tollbugata 3, 0152 Oslo
Ammerudveien 45, 0958 Oslo
Contact person: 
Øyvind Jørgensen
Bereich der Dienstleistung: 

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