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Users evaluate the outcome quality of social services


Nueva is specialized in the evaluation of services (Evaluation von Dienstleistungen) in the area of housing for people with mental handicaps, job coaching and work integration and housing for the elderly.

It has subsequently extended its expertise along these areas. There is the possibility of extending its application across fields. The particularity of the evaluation is that it happens from the perspective of the target groups. Nueva has succeeded in developing evaluation tools that enable clients to rate interventions effectively. Combined with the assessment and knowhow of Nueva as the responsible analyst, organizations in the listed fields are able to enhance the quality of their services significantly. Indeed there are standard methods that Nueva developed, but it always includes the recipient perspective in a way that makes every performed assessment unique and context specific.

Besides, evaluations are not being performed along simple rating schemes, but on the basis of peer-to-peer interviews. The organization has furthermore realized a strategy that allows for including and illustrating the perspective even of people that have difficulties in communicating their opinion (due to their age or physical or mental impairments). The quality evaluation is thus highly inclusive and empowers users and clients in unprecedented degrees.

Thereby the organization offers a service that complements potentially existing internal quality management systems. Overall it increases both, a general quality orientation in the social sector and a user oriented evaluation for tailored service improvement. Abstracting from the organizational perspective Nueva supports the establishment of general benchmarks in the social sector.



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