Transitional accomodation [Alloggi di transizione]

In order to face the so called ‘new poverties’ and to succeed in reaching its mission, the ‘Don Paolo Serra Zanetti’ Institute for Social Inclusion - set up by the Municipality of Bologna with the inheritance left to it by Don Paolo Serra Zanetti - provides 47 dwellings for people in conditions of social exclusion. Social promotion and voluntary associations respond to a public call for tenders by presenting proposals for projects/initiatives. These associations will be granted the apartments free of charge within which they will set up personalized programmes aimed at guiding users towards full social, labour and housing integration. The Associations, that have to take part in a workgroup coordinated by the Institution, will, in turn, sign contracts with beneficiaries of the programmes in which they take part by contributing to the costs of the apartments, respecting the rules and completing their personalized programmes.

The Municipality of Bologna
Piazza Maggiore n. 6 - 40124 Bologna
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Viviana Verzieri
39 051 2195443
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