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Department of Society and Globalisation

The Department of Society and Globalisation specialises in inter-disciplinary research and teaching across the social sciences.

The department has a multitude of international scientific contacts creating an interesting cross-disciplinary environment for both research and students. It attaches great importance to the societal relevance in its programs and research.

Currently the department employs 65 full time scientific staff and has 45Ph.D. students across sociology, EU-studies, public administration, globalization and development studies.The Department has been a successful leader of the network of Excellence (CINEFOGO) (Civil society and Networks of governance) financed by the 6th framework program in 2005-2009.In INNOSERV Roskilde University participates in the literature search, the selection of innovative practices, the production of visual material and of theoretically informed case studies and leads the process of writing the first draft of the final research agenda.



Prof. Dr. Hanne Marlene Dahl leads the Danish teamof INNOSERV and is currently the Director of the Center for Gender, Power and Diversity at Roskilde University with 32 affiliated researchers.

She has published nationally and internationally in leading international journals on social policy and gender studies and her main research fields arecare, the governance of care and justice from a feminist perspective. In two current research projects she investigates historically the changing relationship between professions, institutions and the role of the state in pre-school care and different marketization strategies in elderly care.

Some of her most recent publications are:

  • Dahl, Hanne Marlene and Bente Rasmussen (2012): 'Paradoxes of elderly Care: The Nordic Model' in Annette Kamp and Helge Hviid. Elderly Care in Transition - Management, Meaning and Identity at Work. A Scandinavian Perspective. Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School Press.
  • Dahl, Hanne Marlene; Marja Keränen and Anne Kovalainen (eds.)(2011). Care, Europeanization and Gender - Global complexities. London: Routhledge.
  • Dahl, Hanne Marlene (2010): 'An old Map of State feminism and an Insufficient Recognition of Care', NORA 18 (3): 152-166.


Research assistant Kristian Fahnøe works part-time on the INNOSERV project and is finishinghis Ph.D. thesis.

His main research fields are social work and social policy. Hisprimary focus is on power,knowledge and identity in relation to socially excluded (e.g. homeless people, substance abusers and alcoholics). His Ph.D. thesis is an ethnography of an in-patient rehabilitation facility for alcoholicsthat investigates how efforts to transform both clients and social workers unfolds in the everyday interaction.


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