Patient led digital health for long term health conditions - Somerset Pain management Service and Know Your Own Health

On-line patient self-management tool


This project provides an example of innovative use of internet technology in health care: an on–line package to support people with chronic pain to manage their condition for themselves. The principle is to change people’s behaviour to be actively engaged in, and to build their skills and confidence in, self-management of their pain.

The Somerset Pain Management Service (SPMS), as part of the National Health Service, provides support for patients with persistent pain. The Service has partnered with Know Your Own Health (KYOH), an on-line self-management support platform, in order to supplement and extend the self-management support they provide to patients, both in the clinic and after discharge.

The Know Your Own Health on-line platform includes: access to a health mentor for self-management support and to help set personal goals; access to, and tools to organise, validated information about living with pain; generic self-management skills training; tools to monitor progress towards goals and to communicate with others (health professionals, family, friends); encourages and facilitates localised peer support networks; information about relevant local support services.

Core innovation idea

Innovative use of technology to provide a sustainable solution to care of long term conditions, aiming to build patients’ confidence to self manage and to improve their own health outcomes.



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