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Inter- and intra-generational cohabitation as an integrated solution to tackle social problems


Abitare Solidale is a project carried out by AUSER together with the Municipality of Florence and three small towns in the province of Florence, the association ARTEMISIA and other associations. The project supports inter- and intra- generational cohabitation as an integrated solution to tackle different kinds of social problems. This project offers an innovative and sustainable solution to older people in need of help for household maintenance and household keeping, families in need to reconcile family and work life as well as to persons experiencing economic difficulties who are in need of an affordable and decent accommodation and to women who are victims of domestic violence and in need of a temporary shelter.

Social workers, public authorities and volunteers work together to provide tailor-made housing solutions as well as support and protection (through ad hoc legal tools) to users in all stages of the cohabitation. The project facilitates the creation of interpersonal relationships and promotes the value of solidarity between generations as a way to empower people, actively participate in society and combat isolation. Moreover, Abitare Solidale is environment-friendly and highly sustainable: it is based on the optimisation of the existing housing stock and it represents an alternative to retirement houses which are not sustainable on a long-term for structural and environmental reasons.

The project represents a solution to cope with the problem of isolation and social exclusion of older persons. It allows older people to stay longer in their homes improving their active participation in society, independent living and self-determination. It represents a solution to the decreasing availability of informal care givers (women, family networks) and an alternative to retirement houses.

The project helps people in need to find an affordable and decent accommodation allowing them to actively participate in society. It offers an innovative solution to new causes of poverty and social exclusion: precarious jobs, migration, people not entitled to public protection schemes and/or to public care services. Through the idea of mutual aid, the project represents an alternative to isolation and stigmatisation of people facing economical or personal difficulties and provides them a concrete support to be (re)integrated in society.



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