New arrivals [Approdi]

The New Arrivals project, implemented in the Province of Bolzan during the period 18-03-2011/16-04-2012, had been financed by the European Social Fund. The  project, promoted by the association ‘Africa e Mediterraneo’, stems from the idea of using COMIX drawn by African artists as a mean for exploring the complex reality of migrants. In particular, the project promoted educational laboratories on the themes of immigration experiences in schools and it was mainly targeted at secondary schools students wishing (a) to raise awareness about immigration  amongst the new generations (G2 and natives); (b) to face school drop-out and; (c) to favour social inclusion and access to the labour market of the second generations of migrants; (d) to improve intercultural dialogue and  integration as an opportunity for all; (d) to promote school openness towards the territory (associations, the Municipality, students’ families, etc....).

Africa e Mediterraneo Association
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