Maternal and Infant Health and Care

Aims to create complex, sustainable, multifaceted change to improve care in maternity and neonatal units within health region; A multifaceted programme to promote adoption and diffusion of evidence based best practice and to tackle inequalities, through innovation, education, and collaborative working. Programme delivered across region (5 million population; 67,000 births per annum); involves wide range and number of organisations; anchored in evidence at every stage; implements conceptual framework for large scale change, using key principles for change; using co-creation approach. Programme includes a number of sub-projects including: Evidence and guidance reviews;
Evidence into practice consultation exercise around admission in labour and infant feeding and attachment / bonding in neonatal units creating a ‘blueprint for change’; Development of champions; Multidisciplinary infant feeding education distance learning resource;
Implementing sustainable, evidence-based change in key aspects of care in neonatal units and during admission in labour across all 42 maternal and neonatal units in region – tailored programmes of change; working in partnership around mothers in prison; improving care for vulnerable women on admission in labour
The programme illustrates: Multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral working in a new form; Co-ownership in new form; a Conceptual framework for change; Implementing change at scale; Use of innovative multi-media resources

Professor of Mother and Infant Health, School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Dundee Dundee, UK DD1 4HJ
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Professor Mary Renfrew
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