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Framework for use of personal skills in dependent life


The gpe Society for psycho-social Institutions Mainz GmbH was the result of the psychiatric reform in the eighties in Germany and was founded by a German charity and the workshops for disabled people Mainz GmbH.

It supports people with predominantly mental disabilities and illnesses. The numerous institutions and services from the organization gpe provide a framework where personal skills can be used so that it’s possible to have an independent life with disabilities.

Gpe offers a variety of professional occupational integration measures, occupational therapy practice in the center for diagnostic work, rehabilitation, support career pathways, the advice café “unplugged” for young people with mental illness, the integration operations like “Hotel INNdependence”, “Health food store “natural” and a supermarket chain, “workshop for people with disability” with the fields of work like laundry, fabric care, carpentry and tailoring, psycho-social one care and much more. All the institutions and services from gpe are networked together so that people with psychiatric disabilities are supported to lay the foundation for their personal development and get the appropriate measures for professional and social participation and integration in the society.



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