Housing inclusion for Romany families

The Municipality of Bologna has set up an accommodation programme to allow gradual social and dwelling inclusion for nomad groups, mostly experiencing apartment life for the first time (at least one member of the family unit should have had a permanent work contract for at least 3-4 years). The apartments are not owned by the Municipality but have been found on the private market. Roma families can remain in the apartments for 4 years. 50% of the rent during these first 4 years is paid by the Roma families, the rest by the Municipality. Support for Roma families in the transition from the structures to the apartments was entrusted to the “La piccola Carovana” Cooperative. ACER – Azienda Casa Emilia Romagna – which deals with maintenance of the dwellings while the Poveri Vergognosi ASP sees to the social management of placement in the apartments. On expiry it will be possible for the family units to stipulate  new contracts directly with the accommodation owners.

The Municipality of Bologna
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