External Management: Web Page and new media communication

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Concept, development and continuous improvement of a web based platform. In details: - The interactive website will have the objective to empower the end user of the platform and to provide user-friendly interface and easy access to storage facilities all through a simple browser. - The interactive website serves as platform for the organization and technical support of common video-conferences of the advisory board and the consortium in order to finetune different steps of the management-process. - The interactive website will host translation tools for the 'core'-languages of the EU - The empirical visualised material will be hosted on the website with a two-tiered access, one only for consortium members and one for the public. - The interactive website will provide voting tools for evaluating the case studies and the visualised material. It will also serve as a database for all users. - We shall try to link the interactive website up with social networks like facebook. - The interactive website can be used for workshops of regional or local groups, using the website for the presentation of visualized material and as a platform for discussions. - The website will serve as a platform for records and transcriptions of meetings, blogs, chats, messages etc.
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Month 4
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Homepage InnoServ
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Under construction

this website is still under construction !