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Community building through art-education – Realpearl

Art‐education of underprivileged/Roma children + online web shop


The Real Pearl Foundation has an „excellence approved” qualification and their Roma and non Roma students bring 400-500 awards annually from all around the world

It has been providing art-education to their students including fine and applied art, dance, graphics, painting, enamel, ceramics subjects. They had implemented integrated and childcentered educative methodology in order to facilitate unfolding of pupils’s talent and to have special focus on personality development. Individuality and creativity can be improved much better in their alternative institute than in other schools applying traditional curriculum.

The school has been running an online social webshop called Szuno for selling hand-made pillow cases, rucksacks, wall pictures embroidered by their pupils’ family members. They regularly organize conferences and local projects (e.g. social competence-improving program), and exhibitions in order to share their experiences with the public and other professionals. Director L.Ritók Nóra is a pedagogue and artist who has written numerous books, articles, studies, methodological publications and blogs based on her work experiences with people living in deep poverty. Igazgyöngy Iskola has an „excellence approved” qualification and their Roma and non Roma students bring 400-500 awards annually from all around the world. While performing all this, the school builds relations to the children’s communities (which are often strongly isolated) and succeeds in opening new horizons for the children while preserving their cultural identity.


’Real Pearl’ Basic Art-Educational Foundation
4100 Berettyóújfalu, József Attila utca 11., Hungary
Contact person: 
L.Ritók, Nóra (director)
Nóra: (+36) 30 299 6143, School: (+36) 54 400 131, (+36) 30 299 6137
Field of service: 

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