Changing perceptions of people with mental illnesses - Irre Menschlich

Education/information programs for health issues


The trialoge citizen’s initiative consisting of persons with psychic/mental diseases, family members, relatives and professionals from the health system.


Innovative Idea: Education/information programs for health issues which are including the users few and give them the role of a professional.

The registered association and the principal supporters inform about psychic/ mental disease.

Their main intention is the removal of the stigma attached to psychic /mental diseases and the integration of mentally ill / sick people in society. The service contains reciprocally seminars for sick people, family members, relatives, professionals of health system and students. Sick people are recounting and informing about their own experience with their disease, their life and their feelings about it.

The service offers schools and teachers the possibility to use the knowledge from sick persons for programmes in school which are focusing on themes across psychic and mental health There are over 100 trialog’s in Germany. The trialog seminar is also advisable for: police, churches, journalists, actors of health system, youth welfare services, employers, actors of social services and many other fields.



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